Sophie’s Wedding dress

Sophie's Dress-5-2


It is always a pleasure to make clothing for friends – and even more so if it is the wedding dress they are after! And since apart from he historical bits ( Prior Attire) we also provide bridal gowns ( Prior Engagement)  it was a pleasure to be asked:-)

We have known Sophie and Chris for several years as we tend to attend the same events – they are accomplished musicians and provide music from medieval to modern times ( Blast from The Past). indeed, they were also our musicians of choice when we organized the Spectacular! Spectacular !ball ).  Over the years we have become good friends – and it was with joy that I agreed to making Sophie’s wedding dress.

Sophie was no stranger to our bridal fashions – indeed you will see her modelling a part of our Winter Bride collection back in 2013


The first stages was agreeing on the styling, foundations etc. Sophie created a secret Pinterest board where she pinned her inspirations and we discussed the choices. in the end we ended up with a simple and yet surprisingly elegant design. Based on late Victorian fashions, the dress was basically an evening outfit from the late 1890 – a simple bodice and a flowing skirt, both decorated with elaborate lace.

Since Victorian fashions need a corset, a corset was the first to be created…. here at the fitting stage – we decided on a white sateen, with a gentle blue flossing. The corset needed to be providing the correct silhouette ( the whole dress may serve  Sophie as an evening Victorian gown in the years to come, perfect for  her work – concerts etc), but be comfortable enough so that she can stay in it all day, dance eat and enjoy the day.




a modified TV01 pattern was used, white sateen, busk, flat and spiral steels from Sew Curvy


Over that a bodice in champagne satin was assembled ( lined with cotton lawn and lightly boned), with a back lacing and a rather stunning lace going over the neck and shoulders


first fitting of the bodice


The skirt of the silk satin and lawn lining was next – here  at the first fitting, with lace pinned up. It as worn over a lacy and fluffy petticoat – an original one I lent Sophie for the wedding.






the lace was  arranged and pinned over the bodice at the last fitting


and then it was down to hours of stitching the thing on 🙂



A shaped green silk sash/belt completed the look.


On the day, since we were invited to the wedding too ( yay!) I arrived early to help Sophie dress…

Chris and Sophie-00063

and once we were ready, the fun could begin…..

The wedding was a truly amazing day – relaxed, full of love, laughter and happiness, with great company, excellent food , moving speeches, and, needless to say, fantastic music…

Pictures below by Pitcheresque Imagery – Lucas was providing a back up photography on the day, a few more snaps here..

Sophie's Dress-1-2 - Copy Sophie's Dress-4 - Copy Sophie's Dress-4-2 Sophie's Dress-6 Sophie's Dress-7



It also turned out that Sophie had all of the important three from us too – something blue ( flossing), something old ( antique petticoat) and something borrowed ( the petticoat – and my own bridal veil).

Lovely natural make up by Sarah’s doo-wop-dos


all together – a fantastic day was had by all – congratulations to Sophie and Chris!

10378001_780473982000270_8534562945469198195_n IMG_20140828_214222





The Autumn Bride Collection – Mockford Photography


  And here we go again – the last seasonal collection of the 2013 done!  The team  this time  ventured to a lovely Coombe Abbey near Coventry for the shoot – and for the first time the weather didn’t really  want to play with us – though we did managed to snap a few shots outside between the showers! still – the interiors were absolutely amazing – one of the reason I had Coombe Abbe bookmarked as a potential location for the shoot – the place is utterly mesmerizing. I think I will have a separate post just to talk about them! anyway, it worked brilliantly with the theme of the shoot – Autumn of course, but also Victorian, Steampunk, and Pre-Raphaelite inspired gowns for alternative brides.

This time Paul did a very speedy job on the photos – and so we decided to get his images to go first and pave the way for the subsequent post  describing the designs, costing, materials, etc, alongside with the day o the shoot.

 For now though – let the images speak their tale of our Autumnal brides…. enjoy!

1. Mina



2. Veronica – the Steampunk Bride



cheeky bride! 🙂



3. Ceridwen







 and here shown with the  little helpers… 🙂


5. Guinevere




6. Elwira – the Goth bride:-)



 and , just to show them off in their full glory, some very special autumnal bridal shoes from Crystal Calla Tiara!


  The team, as always were just a delight to work with – and so credits, where credit is due –  all the provides below!

the venue: Coombe Abbey

 Photography: Paul Mockford:

Bespoke Bridal gowns: Prior Engagement

Styling, hair, makeup: – Sarah Dunn from

Bridal bouquets ( real flowers): Anita Smith from The Vintage Rose –

Bridal bouquets (crystal and silk flowers) The Haberdashery Bride

Bridal shoes and accessories Tracy from

Models: Miss Lilian Love, Adriana Renarde, Anett Novak, Izabela PItcher

 Many, many thanks to all involved –  what a team we make! 🙂