My name is Izabela and I am a costume addict…
I run a  UK based business specializing in historical costumes, Prior Attire.  We are also historical interpreters and work at a variety of events, demonstrating crafts, talking about past customs, traditions, clothing etc.   In the past I dabbled a bit in steampunk and bridal – so you will find a few relevant bits here too, but over the years I realized my passion is for historical clothing really – so i have concentrated primarily on that aspect. I am currently half way through writing a book on Victorian costuming – follow The Victorian Dressmaker for updates!

This blog will bring the branches together, posting about new projects events and other exciting adventures from the world of costuming, costume design, sewing techniques etc. I will also be posting articles on how to recreate different looks  from different periods( most of them previously published on Your Wardrobe Unlock’d or Foundations Revealed websites), from Anglo Saxon to Edwardian.
So if you are as helplessly addicted to the stuff as I am, welcome on board!



18 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog has been such a huge help in researching my latest novel. Thank you. If you’ve not seen it, there’s a book you might find interesting: Daily Life in the Middle Ages by Paul B. Newman. Also, I wonder if you’ve seen this:


    Anyway, thanks again for being such a superb resource. Your passion for the subject is evident.

  2. Hello, saw the gold fancy dress that was first on your post and saw you had mentioned selling it. Was interested in it if you have it/plan on selling it. Also, there was a blue one that had gold trim in one of your posts. Not sure if that’s available but again, I’d be interested in it. If they are available how much would you charge and what size are they?

  3. Do you sell your attire? I am from America but I am in love with Victorian style. I love corsets and the art/stitching that goes into them. I model and my next inspiration was a geisha themed boudoir shoot. I searched for corset styles on the web and came across your beautiful set with the neck corset. Did the model purchase that set or is it for sale? I’d love to be the owner of a set like that. Or if you could custom make one for me I can get my dimensions and send them to you!

    Thank you in advance for reading my silly fan message! I love your work, costuming is a true form of art and yours it beautiful!

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