A Victorian Photoshoot in Paris

Big Bustle in Paris (39)


Last November  I had to go to Paris to do some research and business stuff – and as usual I decided to combine the business stuff with a bit of pleasure. It was Lucas’s big birthday, and so a plan was hatched…

I had a new gown to photograph, a late 1880s, Second Bustle  affair in autumnal colours, so that got packed into the suitcase and  eary one morning we boarded the Eurostar and were on our way!


Havig arrived in our hotel in the Marais district,  we decided to do the photoshoot first. The weather was a bit crap, cold and drizzle, but with more rain forecast over the next few days, this was the best we could hope for…


 The attire was on,  and off we went, to our location – Place des Vosges. It was about 10 minutes walk away, so despite the drizzle I made it mostly dry – and the drizzle and wind abated enough for about 10 minutes to allow us to shoot… The results below!


Due to the weather the place was mostly deserted – ideal!


Big Bustle in Paris (38)

This  period has the ridiculously huge bustle style –  and for once I had decided to treat myself, so instead of making one myself, I had ordered mine form this lovely etsy seller 🙂 The Bustle  cage worked a treat,  my bum was enormous!

But yes, you can still sit in them 🙂Big Bustle in Paris (28)

Interestingly enough, the hotel  we stayed in had a matching exhibit just in front of our room….

BY the time we got back, it started raining in earnest – so we changed and went out to a local place for some French Cuisine. And we were very lucky – La Vache Acrobate  was simpy amazing – lovely food ( we visitied it 3 times – it was that good!), nice atmosphere and friendly staff.


Next day was all about research  and museums  – and thanks to Lime scooters, we managed quite a lot in one day, moving swifty in between locations..  great fu too – my biggest regret was not realising they had them the day before, it would have been a blast to ride on one in the Victorian getup!

IMG_1373 (Edited)

And after a busy day, Lucas”s birthday treat – a cruise and dinner o the Seine. Cruside was  lovley – the food, though posh and expensive was ok, but nowhere as nice as our previous meal…

And yes, it was raining. we got a bit wet on the way back on the scooters…


And probably as a result, I ended up with a severe laringitis  lasting a few weeks afterwards.  Still –  it was worth it!

Big Bustle in Paris (18)


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