Victorian picnic in Syon Park

Syon Park Weekend July 2018-138-78

  • I know, I know, I have been neglecting the blog a bit…. so am just trying to catch up on the year…. *

One sunny weekend in July, the Prior Attire team and friends had a picnic.

A victorian one too, in lovely Syon Park🙂

Most of us stayed in a hotel nearby, and some of us arrived on the day – and the day before  we  went to see La Boheme  at the Royal Opera House in London.

And since we were celebrating the launch of my new book, The Victorian Dressmaker,  I treated my models and photographer to a ride in a big Hummer….  A bucket list, checked twice – an opera and a limo….



It was surprisigly affordable, and considering we had about an hour’s drive to the opera and back, in sweltering heat, in Victorian frocks, a cool limo was a blessing…. a rather incongrous one, but blessing nevertheless.

The opera was superb – a lovely meal before, and desserts in the interval, and the rest was an auditory and visual bliss. Including a bit of extra drama, when the lead male tenor got unwell and we had a past lead step in from the public ( a husband to  one of the lead females who was performing on the night).

Our attire was looked at and a couple of people commented on it, but  to be honest, nobody really blinked twice ( I suppose they were too busy lookig out for Stephen Fry who was in attendance on the night too).



The next day  it was picnic time! We were experiencing a bit of a heatwave, so the temperatures were a concern, but in the end,  the keyfactor was choosing the right materials. Light silk, and, even better, light cottons, worked a treat –  and parasols and sticking to the shade did the rest. I was very glad I made a Naturual Form frock out of lovely light cotton – a joy to wear in that heat!

The park was mostly empty ( It really was hot…) so it looked pretty much like a private party.

We spent several hours there – painting,  playing croquet (this game  is truly evil  – ladies with usually most correct manners gave way to a most foul language and behaviour, depending on the result of the game! shocking!),  walking around, eating, driking etc.

Syon Park Weekend July 2018-223-132

There was reading ( including some rather naughty texts!) music and singing… and dancing!



In short , a pretty good time was had by all and we were sad to leave!

I will try to organize somethign similar for next year:-)

and a bonus video – Naomi’s victory dance! see what i meant about the croquet and its bad ifluence on young ladies?



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