Some Fun on the Side

post updated with pictures of yet more habits!

A Damsel in This Dress


Or, in other words, some of my side saddle adventures:-)

I have been riding since I was 8 –  and although I did some show jumping and cross country work in my teenage years, I was always more interested in doing things a bit differently – loved hacking and covering distance – going on  long trails was always welcome!  In the Uk, I spent a few years riding for a cavalry regiment for the English Civil War Society –  swashing my sword and firing carabines from horseback was by far much more interesting!

Image at the battle

I have tried some horseback archery and Roman riding with a group Comitatus – great fun!

Image doesnt show, but have just thrown a plumbata at a poor bloke with a big shield…

Nowadays I mostly hunt in Devon and Somerset, riding lovely thoroughbred horses blessed with amazing stamina – going up and down those hills there for 6-7 hours…

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2 thoughts on “Some Fun on the Side

  1. My gosh, this looks just like my idea of fun! I had a bad experience out hunting a few years back which has left me a little scarred, but I really would like to get back into it on a safer horse. For my birthday I was promised a sidesaddle lesson, but almost a year on and still nothing… However, it is a dream of mine to do what you do – ride elegantly as ladies have for hundreds of years.
    Well done, you make it seem easy, but I’ve heard that it’s actually a very safe seat?

    • Thank you! yes, if the saddle is correctly fitted to the horse and to you, the seat is very secure. Last time I was on, the horse reared unexpectedly – if I had been astride I bet i would have fallen off, but with side saddle i had enough purchase to stay on without problems:-) feel more secure over jumps too 🙂

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