Gentlemen prefer blonds.Apparently….



For the Jubilee on 2012 I was, rather unexpectedly,asked to work at  Holkham Hall again – the unexpected part being the theme as I am not a great fan of vintage fashions and have no interest whatsoever in any clothing once we get into the 1920ties…. still, I knew that working in Holkahm, at an event organized by Black Knight Historical, will be quite an experience – so a contract was signed, and I was to be none else but MM….

Yes, I know, I am a brunette –  but  the hark hair is artificial intelligence and I have been faking it for the last 20 years or so –  my natural colour is darkish blond…

Me age 17, in Hamburg....

me, aged 17, in Hamburg


There was no way I was going back to blond, and no way I chopeed the tresses off – so a wig was needed.

In the end I bought 4 wigs – and only the forth one was tolerable…


tiring to master the pout….


The famous white dress was obtained from a fancy dress shop, huge white knickers were bought, and in the last moment I snatched a stole – the weekend was supposed to be cold.

And so I spent 3 days pouting, posing, chatting to people and singing; parading in a fashion show;hanging out with Audrey Hepburn and riding a bike with James Dean. and all the time being rather cold in my flimsy white dress:-(

Not a lot of pictures am afraid as Lucas was being an alchemist at a medieval event – so just pictures snatched by friends ( thanks to Lucy Cornwallis for hers!

getting ready....

getting ready


singing my heart out….


Simon as James Dean 🙂


two celebs:-)


Molly as a perfect 50ties housewife – equally at home in the kitchen…. and on the catwalk during the fashion show….



and the whole team:-)



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