Impromptu Autumnal Shoot


  Well, I do love autumn – it is by far my favourite season – not too cold, not too hot, stunning, ever changing colours, varied weather… Love it. And one day  coming back from a hack in the fields around Thureigh Equestrian Centre, I was struck  by the mesmerizing quality of light  sifting through the yellow gold leaves  of the birches in the compound. Dreamy and magical.  And so, having obtained permission for a few quick snaps from the owner, I decided to have a quick shoot in a a few hours time – true, the light would be changed a bit, but since Lucas was not available till  the afternoon, I had to wait. No photographer, no fun.

 I used the  time wisely – had a rummage through my own historical costume wardrobe, the bridal samples and the stock items and  quickly cobbled an outfit together.  I didn’t want a historically correct shoot – but a fantasy one, combining different elements together, simply having a play:-) After an hour of mixing and matching i had the following motley ready:

 1. 12th century bridal gown in silk satin, a sample – too small for me really, but could just put it on and simply not lace the sides.


2. an Edwardian style corset I wore for the New Year’ s Eve last year –  satin and brocade creation, with about 500 freshwater pearls


3. a long red wig I used for the Spirit of Autumn  Leaf dress project


 4.a silver wire tiara, elven style

 Quick make up, and I was ready. Seconds before we left I grabbed my harp and a medieval chair and Lucas grabbed a staff… props are good.

 We arrived at the centre and yes, the light was different, much lower, so the blazing glory of gold was slightly subdues, more nostalgic. Still – very pretty.

 It was time to have some fun –  for Lucas it was the  composition of each shoot, the light etc – for me – it was trying to hide my wellies.  Yes, forgot nice shoes…

 First sitting  shoots with the harp.  We had a bonus sensory experience  – the gentle breeze stroke the strings and the harp sang by itself. rather cute!



you can almost see the wellies….

Then I was handed the staff and we had some fun pretending I was Gandalf on the bridge of Khazad Dum. Minus the beard and the pointy hat.



  We were almost about to leave but we decided to take a few more shots on the other side of the paddock – there is rather delightful birch alley that was just too tempting….



alas, the wellies have made an appearance here… 😦


I am an angel! Ha! as if…

Needless to say the residents started to get interested at that point. First a pony trotted over so see what all that fuss was about…


Don’t be deceived by that innocent smiling face –  at that point he was deciding whether the pearls on the corset are edible…


and then decided to go for it. His clever ploy was avoided with an adroit maneuver and the pearls survived.

 Then a distinct sound of galloping horses was heard – it was only Blackie and Elgar running across the paddock,  no doubt eager for another apple – I gave Elgar one in the morning  after our hack and he was obviously hoping for seconds. No luck thins time, boys!


  Then it was time to pack up and go  – though I did manage to sneak a few restive moments on the bench!


Yep, wellies fully exposed here….

Shortly after I was freed from the clothes and wrapped warm ( it was rather cold….) and we  got back home – me back to stitching, Lucas – to editing the pictures!

Many thanks to Beth from the Centre  for allowing us to use the premises!


One thought on “Impromptu Autumnal Shoot

  1. The outfit is amazing, and it is interesting to see what other outfits the pieces featured in. They are all glorious! The sunlight does look lovely! You look beautiful! What a great shoot!

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