Corsetry fun – Stitch and Bitch2 -August


 Well, I did warn you…. it was hardly a fortnight and I was back in Oxford with Julia from Sew Curvy for another stitch and bitch session. if you missed the last one – here it is… Stitch and Bitch JUly

 The day started with a cuppa and the newest bits of gossip – all the latest news, especially those relating to the  Oxford Conference of Corsetry Julia organizes for the end of August – were thoroughly discussed. I brought some more bits and pieces for the Conference Embellishment bar – silk satins, taffetas, brocades and trims, all for the participants to pic and choose and use:-)

 Gossiping continued for another hour or so, i am afraid, but at least we weren’t idle – we packed all the orders for the shop together, and i learnt how to wound spring wire and pack things nicely, the Sew Curvy way.  Naturally, there was some silliness involved – I think I know what to use as a lasso for my Steampunk Amazones collection photo shoot…..


 Julia also introduced me the the range of leathers from G.H. Leathers – and as it turned out they have a warehouse just around the corner from where I live ( already paid them a visit…)


 After that work started in earnest. Julia was working on producing a flossing sampler, and I had an experimental corsetry idea. Nowadays everybody is making sheer corsets – a bit weird as in this hot weather the plastic  makes you sweat a lot! still, it is an attractive look, and I wanted to explore the possibilities offered by the sheer nature of the nylon mesh. in short, i came up with the idea of using two layers of sheer and stuffing things in between them, for decoration purposes.

 I came up with a sketch, in which i was using synthetic plastic boning as decorative ‘ribbing’ on the corset.  Julia was a bit skeptical, but I decided to give it a go anyway, I do enjoy a challenge…

 I used Julia’s underbust pattern ( the same I used for the red underbust), but in smaller size – I didn’t want to waste too much sheer!

Below are the stages of how the idea was transformed into a tangible object…

cutting out…


stitching the channels…


using my brand new Janome HorizonMC8200 QC!

the non-sheer panels are in black sateen – love it!

Imagethen it was time to join the panels together…


the backs


and the fronts…

 and then the most dreaded task – cutting out the synthetic boning

Imageand filing every single bone….. . here done, and pieces connected!


 at that point it was time to pack the things and finish the work for the day and get to Julia’s – after all, a delicious meal awaited – this time it was a healthy chicken salad…


with not so healthy G&T in the background…

 The next morning saw us packing the orders again, and with serious work out of the way I was able to  concentrate on my experimental  underbust…


just the binding and the proper boning to do. and the eyelets…

I finished just before lunch – an ideal time to try to lace ourselves into the thing, never mind it was too small, you always have to have a go…

here’s me:



then it was Julia’s turn…



Very happy with the experiment, so the idea will be expanded and i think there will be some more playing with sheer – especially for steampunk market. This one looks a bit sci -fi, indeed we may need to name it Darth corset…

 I had just two hours left before i needed to hit the road – could I make a corset in that time? I did say I enjoyed a challenge….

 In the end, I did not make one in 2 hours, and I blame Julia for it – she suggested that I embroider the panels on my new machine and I simply couldn’t resist it… that’s the state of the corset at 4.30 when we had to leave..

half made

 Still,  all I had to do back home to finish the thing was eyelets and binding, and her’s the finished thing, snapped the same evening. the corset i made in sateen coutil in ‘Moroccan sands’ colour, with exterior castings and a wide busk – all provided by Sew Curvy!



and the side…


It was the fastest I ever worked on a corset – and I believe it was only because I was by that time so familiar with the pattern and didn’t need to do mock ups and alternations in it that made such speedy work possible. Also, I found it amazing  that one pattern can produce three different looks – very versatile:-).

 Am looking forward to trying out Julia’s overbust pattern now… 🙂

you can find the beige and the red underbust for sale on etsy, the Darth corset will be offered for sale after the conference:-)

 all the corsetry provisions can be bought from Sew Curvy!


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