A Spectacular-Spectacular masked ball

our masquerade ball through the eyes of one of the guests!


I’ve been meaning to blog about this gorgeous event for a week now, but after an unfortunate formatting disaster, I needed a mourning period to recover from the loss of some rather lovely images. All is not lost however, and I can still share some of this spectacular event, that made me feel like a princess for a day.

The masked ball took place at Heatherden Hall at Pinewood Studios, and was organised by Izabella from Prior Attire, who makes the most exquisite costumes. Her own dress was made in two days just before the ball and she made quite a few of the other guest’s outfits, with amazing attention to detail. You can see her in the image below


I didn’t have the bucks or the time to get myself such a fabulous gown, but in true Cinderella fashion, managed to clobber together an outfit from a lucky…

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