Steampunk Travellers Collection






  A few pics from our first steampunk collection, shot last autumn, at the Milton Keyness Museum. The collection was a first , but certainly not the last forray into the exotic world of Steampunk, and this one was inspired by  the notion of travel and exploration, plus  some great music from the famous steampunk group, Abney Park.

 I have published the articles on the inspirations and creation of the collection on The Wardrobe Unlockd site (, so will keep this entry here just to the day of the shoot.


 Our team on the day: 


Jez, from

Paul, from


 Lucas – my husband, amateur snapper:-)

  Stylist: hair and make up :Sarah from

Costumes – me! so prior Attire, though in this case the branch:

 Models, me,  Lizzy (< Cathy Hay and Sarah in her double role as a stylist and a model.

 We had 7 characters to portray so it was a long day, fortunately, the venue, Transpiort Museum Hall was entirely at out own disposal – a perfect location for the shoot, so many thanks to MK museum!

 Let me introduce the travellers then::

 1. The English Huntress


Sarah sporting a tweed Edwardian corset, tweed skirt and bolero jacket


skirt on suspenders…

The Time traveller


Lizzy in silk Victoriana costume


just the corset and the skirt…


with added effects, Paul’s work!

 The Cyclist


Sarah in wool pantaloons, and silk corset


closer up…


The Omnibussiere…


wool skirt, corselette, jacket and a silk overskirt. all ready to sell some omnibus tickets!


with the Time traveller…


and after work, in my study…

The Colonial Explorer


Cathy in a cotton corset and a silk and lace skirt. nicknamed: Barbie on safari’.. lovely image by Jez

 The Neobedouin


Sultry Lizzy in linen pantaloons and kaftan tunic, with silk corset


Neobedouin and the Colonial explorer… up to no good no doubt

The Arctic Huntress


me sporting a corset with fur trimming, leatherette skirt and some weaponry:_0


close up!

 The Gypsy traveller..


Sarah in a linen blouse, linen corset and silk skirt… also sporting my Nubian scarf:-)


better view of the corset – with decorative lacing over a silk panel


  Many thanks to all the team!!!!


 Most of the items are now sold, i believe there is only 2 or three items remaining for sale – they are in my shop, among other steampunk merchandise



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